Mi-5 is an accepted abbreviate of "Matheson Investigations", and has no direct or indirect involvement with the British government's internal intelligence service. Any contact to that office should be directed to https://www.mi5.gov.uk/

MI-5 is a firm dedicated to discreet investigations into any issue, anywhere. Our investigators are fully licensed and insured pursuant to their jurisdiction, and have a minimum 5 years’ experience in their field of specialty. As the investigative branch of Bulletcatchers.com, the trusted authority in the Executive Protection industry for over a decade, MI-5 has leapt from the gate with a 100% clearance rate, closing its first 14 files in 16 weeks, in 4 cities, and each with conclusive findings.

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The field of private investigations is expanding exponentially. MI-5 stays on the vanguard of development simply by listening to its staff and sharing their discoveries and techniques for collective benefit. An instrument in intelligence gathering for an employment screening may also assist in a pre-nuptial background investigation, for example.

MI-5 investigators routinely equip themselves with state-of-the-art A/V recording equipment with time-stamping features to eliminate equivocation of evidence, and minimize the likelihood of a file ever seeing litigation.

Discreet Infidelity Investigations:

If you suspect your husband or wife has been cheating, and genuinely want the truth, MI-5 will take the pain away. These suspicions typically start with an involuntary gut-filter process. Despite the absence of any real evidence, something's just not right. Is there a sudden interest in passwords? Has internet use increased? Is the computer screen shut down or changed when you walk in the room? Is privacy about credit card or cell-phone bills suddenly an issue? Has texting or phone emailing increased? Have cell-phone calls suddenly required privacy? How about regularly working late without a measurable increase in income? Do 2-hour errands now take all afternoon? When your spouse returns, has the car's passenger seat been adjusted? Have there been radical changes in taste? Sudden love of Country music or white wine, where previously scoffed at? Clearly these are just a handful of very real indicia of a cheating wife or husband, and will quite literally become cancerous if ignored. It's one thing to have a cheating spouse, but by lying to yourself, you're bound to get caught.

Background Investigations:

Are you considering employing someone for a delicate or executive position? What about dating someone you met online? While the vast majority of circumstances will result in a green light, the risks and liability potentials are too catastrophic not to entertain a background check. These can include name/ alias checks, address checks, credit or criminal history checks, Driver or vehicle license checks, and more.


In some circumstances caregivers are employed for older family members. MI-5 can conduct background investigations of such persons, prior to their employment. Frequently these individuals, instead of providing care and companionship to our older family members, turn out to be financial predators who manipulate the family member's life by gaining access to power of attorney for both financial and medical authority, and through alienating these family members from us. While such situations can be financially devastating, they will necessarily be unsafe for our treasured family members. Often it takes compelling evidence to persuade our elder family members they've been betrayed.

Criminal Defence Investigations:

Has your client been improperly or unlawfully charged with a criminal offence? MI-5 investigators will reconstruct the mechanics of the arrest using both the disclosed evidence from the prosecution as well as interviewing witnesses the police "overlooked". This can frequently result in otherwise damning testimony being ruled as inadmissible. Photographed and filmed footage of alleged crime scenes can often shed more than just "reasonable doubt." In cases of Impaired/ Over 80 mgs/ DUI/ DWI arrests, we can arrange for toxicology expertise to offer clinically secured opinion evidence as rebuttal to presumptions established by the prosecution. Since these offences carry "presumed intent", legions of otherwise law-abiding citizens are being convicted every year on shoestring evidence with crippling results, both emotionally and financially.

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MI-5 has its Head Office in eastern Canada, but its clients are as far away as Yuma Arizona, Boca Raton Florida, Nanaimo BC, and most recently in Glasgow Scotland.

Our investigators will chase down the answers wherever they might lead us.

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MI-5 understands that unanswered questions can be brutally expensive. While you could certainly hire that individual for your cash logistics position on the strength of a spurious resume, or you could confirm that there are no integrity-based convictions in their criminal history.

Who wants to watch someone on the 6 o’clock news drive away with millions of dollars that you’re liable for, thinking, “If only….” You could certainly take the position that your suspicions of a cheating spouse are just paranoid ravings, but the day you discover your home and bank accounts have been emptied, you’ll quickly discover the value of instinct. You could certainly hire that nice older lady as a nanny for your toddler on the strength of a gentle smile, the quiet pharmacy-grade perfume, and her prompt response to your ad in the local paper, or you could learn that….. Let’s not go past there.

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